Oktal Pharma d.o.o. Sarajevo merges with Velfarm d.o.o. Gračanica

The integration of Velfarm d.o.o. Gračanica is another step in strengthening the position of Oktal Pharma Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 28 January 2019, Velfarm d.o.o Gračanica and Oktal Pharma d.o.o. Sarajevo merged, such that Velfarm d.o.o for sales and production, headquartered at Ulica Zlatnih ljiljana 77, Gračanica, was merged to Oktal Pharma d.o.o. Sarajevo, headquartered at Pijačna ulica 14A, Sarajevo. 
After the merger, Oktal Pharma d.o.o. Sarajevo will continue both its own operations and those of Velfarm d.o.o. Gračanica, which will serve as a branch office in Gračanica.

We are certain that this integration will strengthen Oktal Pharma d.o.o Sarajevo's market presence and increase its efficiency by strengthening relationships with business partners, which will also lead to an increase in our level of service and our number of satisfied clients and business partners.