Oktal Pharma's CEO leads HUP's Wholesale Coordination

New president of the HUP's Wholesale Coordination, with a mandate of one year, is Ivan Klobučar, Oktal Pharma's President of the Board

Wholesale Coordination has been operating in the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) since September 2017 and brings together key representatives from the wholesale trade of medicines and medical products to address the problems and challenges that the health system faces in the country.
In the upcoming period, the Coordination will continue to emphasize the issue of hospitals’ debts, with the goal of maximally shortening payment deadlines and other problems within the health system.
Thus, three working groups were formed in HUP's Wholesale Coordination with the purpose to address the following areas: public tenders, regulation and serialization/quality.
Source: Lider, 15. 11. 2018., https://lider.media/actualno/tvrtke-i-trzista/poslovna-scena/prvi-covjek-oktal-pharme-na-celu-hup-ove-koordinacije-veledrogerija