OPH Oktal Pharma d.o.o. Ljubljana renovates storage facilities

In order to improve the quality of its storage and transport services, Oktal Pharma Ljubljana opened its renovated, modern warehouse space in June of 2019

In order to improve quality of service, OPH Oktal Pharma Ljubljana began renovating its warehouse space in 2019, which was officially opened in June.
In order to ensure unhindered work processes and flow of goods, spaces for warehousing, receiving, and distribution were enlarged, and a quarantine space has been added.
An Exactum temperature and humidity control system has been installed along with a corresponding computer system that provides regular temperature reports while simultaneously warning of potential deviations from prescribed temperature and humidity values. The pre-existing heating and cooling system has been supplemented with an additional climate control system, ensuring a second source of heating and cooling to ensure the entire warehouse space is kept at the same temperature, resulting in safer storage of goods.  

Digital application support ensures fast, reliable service and the quick flow of information to business partners. The company's overall business operations are supported by integrated ERP and WMS information systems, through which all transactions are implemented and business events are registered. The systems are harmonised with all GDP requirements, thus ensuring complete product traceability in terms of expiry dates and tracking of series, as well as distribution according to the FEFO model. Receiving and distribution is performed via manual terminals within the WMS system, thus reducing paper usage in warehouse operations to a minimum. Modern systems and business operations allow digital management, processing, and issuing of orders, as well as insight into inventory at all times.

This new system also allows the right product to be delivered to the right address within an acceptable time; if the wrong product is delivered, it can be easily voided.
The renovated warehouse space is in accordance with existing good distribution practice (GDP) guidelines, as well as a new directive for medical devices - (EU) 2017 745) - which establishes stricter warehousing requirements; the corresponding security system allows access only to authorised persons with an access control card.
The new level of service now offered by OPH Oktal Pharma Ljubljana represents an investment into better cooperation with both existing and future business partners.